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Composer/Performer/Media Artist

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Yifeng Yvonne Yuan converts the frequency of herself losing socks into the frequency of the pitches; she weighs raindrops to decide the weight of her noteheads. She is a composer, performer, and media artist, born and raised in China, and currently lives between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles


Yvonne currently attends UCSB studying Music Composition as a Ph.D. student. She is also a master's student in the Media Art Technology department.

Recent Events

April 2nd 2023, The Other Art Fair, Santa Monica, Los Angeles

​May 19th 2023, Graduate Composers Concert at Lotte Lehmann Hall, University of California, Santa Barbara

June, 1st, 2023, MAT End of the Year Show, Santa Barbara Center of Art, Science and Technology, Santa Barbara

June 26-29th, Ensemble Evolution 2023, New York City

July, 2023, New work to be premiered by Riot Ensemble, Viitasaari, Finland

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