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June, 28th, 2024, "Mark" a dance production by Selcouth Movement, Los Angeles

May, 26th, 2024, "10000 Waves for 28 Performers", premiere by the BlackHouse Collective, Oracle Egg,

Los Angeles

May, 2024 "Ephemeral Bloom" premiered by Seattle Festival Orchestra, Seattle, Washington

Feb. 23rd, 2024 "We all inevitably fall into the abyss", Lotte Lehmann Hall, Santa Barbara, CA

Jan 19th-20th 2024, "Mark", Highway Performance Space and Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

November 4th, 2023, Acousmatic work "I Saw A Butterfly Nestled in a Bell", 

The Royal Conservatory of Antwerp, Belgium 

July, 2023, "In the Center of a Shadow Lies the Brightest Spot"premiered by Riot Ensemble

Viitasaari, Finland

June, 9th, 2023, MAT End of the Year Show, Santa Barbara Center of Art, Science and Technology

Santa Barbara, CA

​May 26th 2023, Graduate Composers Concert at Lotte Lehmann Hall

University of California, Santa Barbara

April 2nd 2023, The Other Art Fair, Santa Monica

Los Angeles, CA


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