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Contemporary Music

​10000 Waves for 28 Performers (2024)

We all inevitably fall into the abyss, for Soundmap Ensemble (2024)

In the Center of A Shadow Lies the Brightest Spot for Riot Ensemble (2023)

I Saw a Butterfly Nestled in a Bell, an acousmatic work (2023)

High Tide, Low Tide. For String Orchestra and Percussions (2022)

Di-Da-Doo-Dum for Fixed Media and Solo Voice (2022)

Human Anatomy for Pierrot Ensemble (2021)

Ephemeral Bloom for Symphony Orchestra(2021)

Shattered Moon for Trumpet and Electronics (2020) 

​Three Poems of Tanikawa Shuntaro for Soprano and Piano (2020)

The Shape of Flowers for Violin and Piano (2020)

Three Wavery Images for Pierrot Ensemble (2018)

Multimedia Works

​Evil Kid's Monologue (Visual Music) (2024)


Memory, memory... (2023)

Sitting on the Swing at the Event Horizon (2022)

Film and Dance Works

Mark (2024)

Sound of the Fire (2024)

A Mermaid in a Summer's Night (2021)

Time to Dream (2020)

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