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Di-Da-Doo-Dum for Electronics and Solo Voice (2022)

I am always fascinated by the rain and all kinds of sounds that humans have invented to imitate the sound of the rain. In English, we have “pitter-patter”. In Japanese, people use the phrase “potsu-potsu” to describe the beginning of a light drizzle.

In Chinese, “Di-Da” is a common phrase people use to imitate the sound of the rain. Coincidently, people also use “Di-Da” to describe the passing of time, just like the phrase “tik-tok” in English.


I found Onomatopoeia, the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named, very fascinating. I also love the rain. That is where this piece is from. The simple syllables: “Di-Da”


The voice in the recording is performed by Yifeng Yvonne Yuan

Sample Score

Performed by Yifeng Yvonne Yuan at the Other Art Fair Los Angeles

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