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Sitting on the Swing at the Event Horizon (2022)
(Visual Music realized in C++ with Allolib library)

Visual + Music both made by Yifeng Yvonne Yuan

At the event horizon, space and time change.
“Sitting on A Swing at the Event Horizon” is not exactly about the event horizon, or rather, it is inspired by the concept of “warped time”. In this work, I used metric modulation to shift meters. It is performed precisely with the assistance of my computer. I am very thankful. 

I have the image of a kid sitting on a swing at the Event Horizon in mind when I was finalizing the piece, thus the visualization of the sound became a cartoon-like doodle of a red black hole, and some stars flying in from all different directions.

​The visual and music are both realized in C++ with a huge amount of coding and scripting.

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