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Human Anatomy for Pierrot Ensemble (2021)
for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano, and Percussions

Human Anatomy is a three-movement work for Pierrot Ensemble. It dives into the metaphoric interpretation of human bodies. In the first movement, “Heart,” the pulse of the beating heart is the basic sonic unit that constructed the piece. The vitality and fragility of hearts are explored.


In the second movement, “Can We Talk About Time? As River Flows Through Our Skin,” I meditated on how time flows like river through our skin, leaving traces of wrinkles and textures. G harmonic series, D# subharmonic series, and their intersection on a B3 note constitutes the basic harmonic plan. They echo with the contrasting morphing timbres shifting between the glossiness and roughness of human skin.

The third movement, “Inside My Feminine Brain” exemplifies my intepretation of heterophonic and bitonal music. The movement starts with the stereotypical “feminine sounds” in the history: nurturing and tender, soft and melodic. By slowly introducing rigid and assertive morse codes on top of it, the stereotype is slowly morphed, a new voice of women that is both tender and nurturing, and powerful and assertive, is formed.


Sample Score

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