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Three Text Scores (2022)

Wave Piece for Multiple Performers 

Bring pencils and paper when a group of performers decides to go near a body of water.

It can be a lake, a river, an ocean, or a bathtub. Draw the shape of waves with lines.

Step Two:
Read the lines as a musi
c score,
from left to right, top to bottom.
Together, everyone sings what they drew, forming waves of voices.

Music for Wind and Voice Memo

Record your lover’s light breathing while they are asleep.


Play it on repeat on a windy night, until the wind and the breath merge into one.

Music for Seven Rocks and a Mason Jar


Step one:

Collect one little rock per day for seven days.

Step two:

Fill a mason jar with water until it is half full.

Step three:

Drop a rock into the mason jar every time you feel sad. Listen to the sound of rocks falling into the water.

Step four:

When all seven rocks are inside the mason jar, take it and pour the water and rocks into your nearest river.


Listen to the sound, as it will take away your sorrow.

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