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Recent Works

In the Center of A Shadow Lies the Brightest Spot, for Riot Ensemble (2023)

Memory, memory... : Transcoding memories into sound (2023)

I Saw a Butterfly Nestled in a Bell, an acousmatic work (2023)

High Tide, Low Tide. For String Orchestra and Percussions (2022)

Three Text Scores for A Year of Deep Listening (2021)

Sitting on the Swing at the Event Horizon (2022) (Visual Music Realized with C++)

Di-Da-Doo-Dum for Fixed Media and Solo Voice (2022)

Human Anatomy for Pierrot Ensemble (2021)

I. Heart

II. Skin

III. Inside My Feminine Brain

A Mermaid in a Summer's Night, a film score (2021)

Ephemeral Bloom for Symphony Orchestra(2021)

Life Cycle for String Quartet (2021)

Shattered Moon for Trumpet and Electronics (2020) 

Original Score for Film "Time to Dream", an Album (2020
We will get there

​Three Poems of Tanikawa Shuntaro for Soprano and Piano (2020)

The Shape of Flowers for Violin and Piano (2020)

Three Wavery Images for Pierrot Ensemble (2018)

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